Our Story

“Art has always been an extension of language. Words are not enough. When people need to express themselves; they go beyond words and find art. The same way Instagram and Blogs inspired millions of photographers & writers, Dreame allows us each to become an artist and show off our creations with items we wear, hold and frame,” says CEO of Dreame Sharonna Karni Cohen.

It all started when...

Sharonna was slightly fed up of seeing everyone around her on their phone; either taking selfies or scrolling down a feed of one. She had also become a selfier and felt nostalgic for the 'dreamer in her' days. She desired a new form of self-expression. As a non-artist; i.e. someone who failed in cutting around the edges in school and never finding a way to draw, she felt the desire to turn her own imagination into art with another creator on the other side of the world.

We thank all the dreamers and artists for supporting global creations. Each commission contributes to the ever growing world of co-creation and imagination.

We believe imagination is the key to a global creative awakening. It is our mission to inspire and connect people throughout a myriad of sectors, time zones and ideas as we take a journey into the cobwebbed corners of our thoughts, lifestyles and aspirations. We are erecting the digital meeting place for the seekers of the world, whether they are searching for a deeper understanding of self, the people in our lives or into the great unknown.

Dreame is an engine of creative consciousness and for commissioned works of art co-created from personal stories and artists from all over the world. It is a new way to capture a memory, thought or fantasy and make it tangible.

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