Dex Fernandez: Having It Made in NYC

Calcoon born mixed media creator on his friends, his art and Garpata

Dreame Diaries speaks to Dex Fernandez, the Caloocan born mixed-media artist whose bold art is flavored with the intricate spices of religion, stickers and most of all, the life of a Filipino in Diaspora.

What are you working on right now?  I am currently residing in New York City, completing my 6 months artist-in-residency. I am working on my project on street art and a mixed media project for my upcoming solo exhibition at Owen James Gallery in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

How do you find the images in your pieces? Through my experiences that I then translate into artistic approach.

Walk us through your process for creating. I hang around with my artistic friends, collecting inspiration from our chats. I also collect images from experiences and I always keep these visuals mind. When I face my canvas everything is spontaneous until I feel contented.

How does the artist community in Manila motivate and inspire your work? Through the energy that I get from them, I never stop working when I’m there and they always inspire me to do my stuff.

How does religion play into your art? Religion is like a spice in my art. Sometimes tasteful sometimes not.

Who are the humans we see in your pieces? Garapata* represents us.

How do you spend your free time?I spend my free time with friends. If I’m too lazy to go out, I just stay at home listening to music or watching movies.

What things can you not live without? Stickers.

If you could make art anywhere else in the world where would it be and why? I think it’s happening now in NYC.

*a black and white tick symbol which is graffitied across large cities to represent  Filipino Diaspora and high urban density.