Turn Your Dream Into Art

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It all started when…

We all had a little dream that turned into a bigger one.

When we dream of Israel's future and our philanthropic endeavours, how far can our imagination take us?

Write what inspires & motivates your giving? Tell us about a moment in your giving that has stayed with you? Is your family involved in your giving? Share a little bit about the significance of that for you. How would you like our world to be 20 years from now What is your dream for Israel 20 years from now?What is your personal dream for the next year? 

You can write a few words or an entire essay on your vision that you would like turned into art.

"Dare to dream... and when you dream, dream big".
Henrietta Szold

"Anyone who doesn't believe in miracles is not a realist." David Ben Gurion

"For me, dreaming is simply being pragmatic." Shimon Peres

 "if my dream is not just a false notion, this society will have to begin to create itself in the midst of fuss, noisiness and panic, and will have to face the prospects of both internal and external war..."  Ahad Aham

"Miracles do happen, but you have to work hard at them." Chaim Weizmann

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