"I loved the process." - Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University
"So simple and amazing. They all loved it." - Jeremy Coller, Coller Capital
"I loved the process AND the artwork" - Orit Gadiesh
"Being able to customize a gift makes it thoughtful, personal and doubly appreciated." Jeremy Smouha, Atlanti
"Can't think of a better way to get them excited and appreciative! They loved it." - Daniel Shichman, CEO, WSC
"Working with Sharonna and her team has been an absolute highlight. The participants, leading storytellers, mentioned Dreame as one of the most innovative things they have experienced." - Yaniv Rivlin, Schusterman
"It's a beautiful statement gift that can last a lifetime." - Ariel Raz, d.school, Stanford
"Creating a portrait of the entire team with our passions, core values and collective dreams was the best gift I could give them to show my appreciation" Inbal Arieli, SNC



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